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    In her solo act, Catya performs Originals, Contemporary Acoustic Music, and Traditional Blues & Swing. Catya wrote her first song at the age of 8. She began performing her and other people's songs professionally in 1978 and before coming to Wisconsin worked in clubs all over New England, the Southwest, and Northern California.

                  Catya Acoustified —Sweet & Salty!

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    A low-down, red-hot, Blues band.
                                                   These cats are wild!  

                        ° Singer/songwriter Catya, on guitar & Blues fiddle!
                        ° Singer/songwriter Nick Foytik--he'ws also a kick-butt blues guitarist!
                        ° Billie Angell--on killer keys and vocals!
                        ° And an in-the-pocket rhythm section:
                        ° Drummer, John LeBrun & bassist, Eric "Pedals" Thompson!


Catya's Trio performs a mix of original and traditional blues, swing, jazz, contemporary acoustic music, and some familiar and some not so familiar stuff.
Catya's Trio Features:
° Singer / songwriter / guitarist, Catya,
° Tenor saxophonist, Sue Orfield,
° Randy Sinz on bass.

             Catya's Trio — A great combo!

         CODE BLUE
    Code Blue performs original and traditional blues, swing, and R&B.
Code Blue features:
° Singer / songwriter / guitarist, Catya
° Tenor saxophonist, Sue Orfield
° Randy Sinz on bass
° John LeBrun on drums
° Lucas Fischer on lead guitar

Past lead guitar players include such wonderful musicians as John Franken, Howard Luedtke, and Kevin Louden!!!

  Code Blue — It's a killer band!


This duo performs mostly original and traditional blues and swing. Depending on the venue they might include contemporary acoustic pieces or even some Old School R&B.
° Singer / songwriter / guitarist, Catya
° Tenor saxophonist, Sue Orfield

     Catya w/ Sue Orfield — Don't miss these two!

           CATYA w/ Luke Fischer

This duo performs original and traditional blues, swing, and contemporary acoustic music.
° Singer / songwriter / guitarist, Catya
° Guitarist / singer, Luke Fischer

Catya w/ Luke Fischer -- Catch them, if you can!!

on Fiddle
Recently, Catya has returned to playing fiddle! She plays Blues, Folk, Irish, and a bit of Bluegrass fiddle.

on Bass
Sometimes, Catya freelances as a Blues bass player on a Fender electric bass (4-string). She's played gigs with Darrell Nulisch, Jon Ross, Brian Templeton & Kid Bangham, Chuck "The Cat" Morris, The Paramounts, The Short Brothers (as "Penny Short"), and various other acts in New England.

In the Greater Upper Mississippi Valley area she's played with Howard "Guitar" Luedtke, David Jones & the Jones Tones, Poppy Moelter, and Joe T. Cook and the Longshots.

on Guitar
Catya, occasionally, freelances on guitar. She's worked as a guitarist with Lucy Creek, R4, and The Sue Orfield Band.

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